Welcome to flink !

flink is a website development collective located in Melbourne, Australia. We create quality websites, using a quality website development framework, called Drupal.

We believe no other framework will serve your needs better. That's why we only use Drupal. We don't like spreading ourselves thin.

Powered by Drupal and operating in an agile fashion, we deliver websites faster than was traditionally possible.

At flink we like to keep a finger on the pulse of the Drupal community, both in Australia and internationally. We attend and speak at conferences and user group meetings, so we keep up to date with the latest and greatest.

We contribute modules back to the community. Some of these have thousands of installs across the world.

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flink also fosters partnerships with graphic design studios and professional services firms.
That way we can assemble the optimal team to get your job done -- fast.

Read about our approach.

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On this site we use blue and yellow a lot... These are the colours of the Swedish flag. None of us are Swedish though. Nor do we have part-time jobs at Ikea.

Anything else you'd like to know?

For more information, references etc. drop us a line at info@flink.com.au or fill out the contact form.
We look forward to talking to you! Seriously.