Tips, tricks and ramblings

The links below take you to demonstrations, tutorials and handy hints for making the most out of Drupal D7. Browse and enjoy!
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Done in 60 seconds: snappy tips and tricks for D7

Location based service example using IP Geolocation: local weather
Location based service example using IP Geolocation: traveller's blog
Location based service example using IP Geolocation: map of buyers locations
Creating a subtheme
View-driven Slidebox
Getting funky with CSS3 in Drupal
Drush in a rush
One theme, but different looks for some pages
Shared hosting: setting memory_limit in D7
Has mobile mapping evolved?
Map of mobile user locations, updated automatically
27 reasons not to use Google Maps... and 2 to do so
Erased memories and cracked Varnish
Lightness of Leaflet displays brilliance of Google Maps in high-res
Table Trash demo page
Label Trash demo page
Gorgeous Google map canvasses for your Drupal site: just Copy & Paste
"But that's easy in Drupal, isn't it?" (about module Views Aggregator Plus)
XHProf speedy install to pinpointing slow performance
Views Accelerator
Install Apache Solr 5 and Drupal Search API on your laptop in minutes

More magic: bigger tricks for D7

The CMS dance in 3D CSS
Tabbed content with animated transition effects
Take your Maps to the Max


My first D7-to-D8-port
Bye, bye hook, hello Symfony: fields, widgets and formatters in D8
Spare a thought for contrib
Spare more than a thought for contrib
Spruce up your map markers with font icons
Views going global
Bring harmony to your Views
Combatting technical debt in D8
Drupal 8: embrace or brace yourself? Seven tips and traps that make D7 developers go :-) and @#$&*!
Backdrop proves case for Top Shelf Modules
Drupal 8: contrib roads, take me home
Gut feelings about Drupal 8